We are accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable water, tracking and valuing every drop of water along its lifecycle.

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Our Manifesto

We stand on the verge of an industrial technological revolution that will fundamentally change the way we interact with practically every process in our daily lives and work, characterized by an explosion of data sources and the fusion of technologies that are blurring the lines between the physical and digital world.

What is truly striking is the speed at which these changes are impacting every industry, with no historical precedents, evolving at an exponential pace. At Stor Water, we understand the depth and visualize the scope of these changes, as much as we are committed to use their transformational power to improve the water industry’s core.

It is said the water industry is “data rich but information poor”. We are closing that gap by bringing all operations and business management together through data and software integration, becoming the central clearing-house for data insights and visualization, a repository for information and analytics.

In the water industry technology has for too long been used to solve problems of convenience, it’s about time that we use it to solve problems of consequence. At Stor we strive to enhance the industry’s decision-making abilities while building twenty-first century infrastructure and – perhaps most importantly- increasing the value and benefits of a resilient water infrastructure network.

The Digital Water Journey has just begun, but to tackle the challenges of the industry in the face of growing scarcity and stress the world needs visionaries across all organizations, so let’s work on your data together.


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