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Identifying and Locating Non-Revenue Water for Small and Medium Sized Utilities

Valuing every drop of water along the water lifecycle.

Is your company utilizing Machine Learning for Active Leak Control?

Our tools will allow you to increase your leak detection rate and to visualize the likelihood of leakage for every water main across your DMAs and infrastructure.

For whom? Our tools are designed for Small and Medium Size Water utilities:

  • That want to reduce unbilled water

  • That want to start their Water Digitization Journey

Stor Water Machine Learning Leakage Detection Tools

Real-time monitoring

Generate critical quality information in daily operations.


Alerting a leak faster

Monitoring DMA Conditions to Detect Leakages.

Utilize Consumption Habits to Understand Real-time Usage

Locating a leak faster

Cross reference data to find anomalies and Locate leaks faster..




Digitization & Data Aggregation

Leverage on Real-time Data to Create Near Real-time Water Balances and Water Demand Forecasts.

Solutions: Operator Aid Tool for Network Operating Center


Holistic view of the entire system from a single management point

  • Providing a front-end for the entire distribution network to allow for ease of data exploration.

  • Centralizing dispersed distribution network data in real-time to aid operator’s decision making.

Monitoring DMA Conditions to Detect Leakages – Smart Water Engine

  • Running statistical analysis on likelihood of leakages.

  • Easy integration with third-party data and platforms

Start your digitization journey with us


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